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The Sunshine State didn’t get that name by accident. Florida is the jewel of the United States’ eye, boasting incredible weather, tourist attractions and local cultures in one impressive bundle. When you start wondering where you should go to for vacation next time you have a free week or two there’s an entire state of potential just waiting to be explored. Sports fans can enjoy the region’s golf courses, outdoor lovers can check out the endless miles of beach coast and culture lovers will relish in the nearby museums…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Florida may just be your next dream vacation. Let’s see what exactly that entails.

Golf Courses

Are you a fan of golf? Florida is a fan of you. The Sunshine State boasts over 1,300 golf courses, meaning you won’t have to look far to enjoy a beautiful game under the sun. Florida’s tourism industry has an economic impact of over $67 billion on the local economy, which is great news if you’re looking to give back even as you indulge in some much-needed vacation time. What else can you expect to do while you’re there?

Horseback Riding

Horse lovers will have plenty to look forward to when they book a trip to Florida. As many as seven million people ride horses on a yearly basis in the United States and the Sunshine State has its own unique horse culture to add to your repertoire. From brilliant coastlines to the interlocking trails throughout miles of forest, you can enjoy the spread of nature even as you appreciate the breeze on your face. This can even cross over with camping.

Campground Locations

Do you like to relax under the open stars? How about enjoying a day at the beach and winding down later in front of a classic campfire? Florida has just as strong a camping culture as a more typical West Coast state might, with the added benefit of an easily accessible beach within driving distance. No matter where you go in Florida you’re never more than 60 miles away from the coastline. The year 2013 saw campers traveling around 186 miles for their family camping trips.

Historical Landmarks

The history buff will want for nothing when they visit Florida. The McIntosh Historic District offers over 60 different sites listed on the already extensive National Register Of Historical Places. Founded all the way back in 1884, Belleview is located a mere 11 miles south of Ocala and is known as the Florida Trail Gateway community. After you go to a museum or national park you can always try a zip line to top off your day.

Family Fun

For those eager for great photo opportunities Florida has you covered with just about every sport you can shake a stick at. A zip line is a fun choice for kids who want to try something new, while local restaurants can help you close the evening with a choice meal. A national survey saw 30% of Americans stating they ride bicycles for recreational purposes. It’s also thought as many as 12% of American adults (that’s over 25 million people) went camping back in 2015.

Taking A Trip To Florida

There are so many things to do in Florida. You can hop from a zip line across the state’s lush forests to cabin rentals or visit one of the many attractions after you spend a few hours biking along its historical trails. You can even keep your vacation as low-key as possible with golfing and long walks on the beach. Over 112 million tourists visited Florida just the previous year and the next is looking to be just as exciting. Are you ready to go?

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