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When planning an event like a festival, one of the first things to secure is finding and paying for the venue. You’ll need to book it well in advance. This video has a beautiful example of a scenic venue. The venue plays into the theme of the event as well. That’s why it’s essential to pick a venue that promotes your theme.

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Important Venue Factors to Consider

Your budget will determine your venue. It’s one of your first calculations. It will take up the biggest portion of your budget. What’s important to note is that the venue will affect your attendees’ experience. Therefore, it’s essential to pick the right venue. Do you plan on hosting your festival in a large outdoor space? Have you considered restroom facilities for your venue? Not all outdoor venues have restroom facilities. The event planner needs to put this on the checklist. Do you live in a big city like Iowa? Hosting your festival outside of the city requires proper planning. Simply look for a porta potty rental in Iowa City, IA. The most important factor about your venue is that it caters to all the needs of your attendees. That includes making sure there are adequate restroom facilities. The venue and its amenities can make or break their experience!


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