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How to Actually Have a Great Time on a Camping Trip

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Camping is no longer synonymous with “roughing it.” Interestingly, camping can actually be a comfortable and luxurious experience in this day and age, due to things like cabin camping and RV camping. People no longer have to sleep outside under the stars. Regardless, camping is an excellent activity for the entire family because of all the benefits associated with it.

About 43 million Americans went camping last year, and typically, campers go on around five camping trips every year, traveling roughly 191 miles from their home to the campground. Every state in the United States has campgrounds, and many have campgrounds with cabins built specifically for campers. Therefore, Continue Reading No Comments

Are You a Whovian? Find Cheap Hotel Deals and Get to London

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London has long been considered the hub of everything from business to art to world cultures. According to The London Evening Standard, the city is home to 270 nationalities and 300 languages. Naturally, all of these people have brought along their food, art, and more, turning London into the most cosmopolitan city on the planet.

London isn’t just a hub for international culture but one for pop-culture as well. In November 2013, according to The Daily Mail, thousands of Whovians, die-hard fans of “Doctor Who,” descended upon Canary Wharf in London Town, booking cheap hotel deals at the city’s high-quality but cheap hotel rooms. They were joined by 110 million fans around t

Three Ways to Use Hotel Reviews and Protect Yourself

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Are you having a hard time choosing a hotel for your upcoming trip to Europe, Asia, or the States? It’s completely understandable if you are. Consider, the most popular tourist destinations in the world tend to offer a huge variety of different hotels. Take, for example, London: according to the BBC, Britain’s capital has well over 130,000 different lodging options where you can make hotel reservations. How are you supposed to choose between the plethora of hotels offering great holiday deals? Try using hotel reviews.

What to Look for in Hotel Reviews

  • Ensure Your Hotel Fits the Bill
  • Unfortunately, booking hotels only to find they don’t offer what was promised on your favorite

Three Tips for Visiting Monrovia and Finding a Luxury Villa

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Liberia, and its capital city Monrovia, hasn’t been a big name in tourism over the past several decades. Thanks to beautiful, natural landscapes and enterprising entrepreneurs, though, the country is starting to make a name for itself among international travelers.

“Monrovia is a beautiful city in a very dramatic natural setting -… with a rocky peninsula and the ocean on one side, and a mangrove marsh on the other. There are beaches outside of town that are excellent,” said John Sheehy, founder of a local business organization that has created unique, local maps for tourists visiting the city.

The coastal setting of Monrovia and close proximity to an international airport (Roberts International) can make it an ideal location for either pleasure or business. If you are looking for luxury villas in

Why Zanzibar’s Beach Resorts Are Among the Best in the World

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All inclusive resorts

Since the beginning of human civilization, being by the beach has represented something special to us. The proximity to the water not only gave us easy ways to travel, defend ourselves against hostiles, and catch a nourishing supply of seafood, but, in recent times, it has also given us an easy way to relax.

According to BBC News, vacationing at beach resorts really came into style in the Victorian Era, ranging from the 18th to early 19th centuries. While traveling to beach resorts was seen as a status symbol during those times, it’s changed into something we all can enjoy and benefit from. Science has come to show that being at the beach is a natural mood enhancer and is a powerful stimulant for