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Today the motor coach industry accounts for 631 million of North America’s yearly passenger trips. There are 16,000 vans and shuttle buses working for charter services in the United States and about 7,000 stretch SUVs and 8,000 non-stretch SUVs currently licensed for charter service. One of the best times to make a booking for one of these vehicles is when you are planning to go to and from the airport. Whether you need reliable transportation for a one time trip, need to pick someone up, or go to the airport regularly, easy travel is available. Here’s why the airport shuttle service is the last word in easy travel.

    • Save the wear and tear on your car. If you have your own car and have to go to the airport frequently for work or other travel, you’re putting a lot of miles on your personal vehicle. Most people do not live a short driving distance from the local airport. While it may seem like just another 20, 30, or even 60-minute trip, the miles and the wear and tear on your personal vehicle can really add up. Airport shuttle services or rentals can extend the life and your enjoyment of your car
    • A rental airport run makes for easy travel. Few things are as stressful as getting to the airport on time. Did you remember to put enough gas in the car? Is there room for all the luggage or will you have to move a lot of things in order to make room? Did you remember to do that last night, or will you be suddenly reminded that you didn’t do it when you open a packed trunk? The driving itself is stressful too. There is no easy travel when your flight departure time mandates that you drive through rush-hour traffic in order to get to the airport. When you’re coming home from the airport, things can be just as bad. Airlines don’t plan their flight schedules around the traffic patterns and conditions of your city. Gathering all of your luggage, finding your way to a parked car, and then loading everything in after a long airline trip can never be described as “easy travel.” If you book a rental or shuttle service, you have suddenly made your travel a whole lot easier and simpler.
    • An airport shuttle makes a great gift or a solid business statement. If you have family coming back from a big trip, particularly an international trip or a redeye flight, wouldn’t they love to have someone meet them at the airport, pick up and load their bags, negotiate the traffic, and get them home in a safe and timely manner? If you have business partners or clients coming into town, is there any better way to make a statement about your business and its professionalism than to meet them at the airport in a limo, the town car, or some other convenient shuttle service? Sending someone to or from the airport by shuttle service can be an amazing and thoughtful gift or a great way of enhancing the business relationship.
  • Shuttles are good for the environment. It’s not just that rental shuttles make for easy travel. Bus rentals can also really be good for our Earth. If you are sending or picking up multiple people from the airport, note that every full motorcoach has the potential to take as many as 55 cars off our highways. Motor coaches put out the least amount of carbon dioxide per passenger mile compared with any other type of transportation. On average, they are 6 times more fuel efficient and energy efficient than single-occupancy motor vehicles.

    An airport shuttle service has a lot of advantages. It makes for easy travel, takes the stress from you and the wear and tear off your car, makes a great gift for traveling family and friends, and is even helpful to our earth. Rental transportation is available in your area. Why not look for some the next time you need to go to the airport?

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