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Deciding on transportation services should be one of the first steps when planning a business trip out of town with other colleagues. These services can include airport services and transportation services through out the duration of the stay, or them may just simply include airport services. Many transportation services offer airport pick-up and drop-off. With limo services being so plentiful at over 130,000 across the country you can only imagine that these are some of the most popular services despite their average price of $130 an hour and anywhere from $15 to $30 per stop. Whether you choose limo, bus, car or SUV transportation consider why it’s important with these fact below.

Luggage Left in Vehicle

When you use car service which provides airport service, you want to make sure there is enough room for all passengers and adequate room for luggage, but don’t go overboard. If there is too much room then it is far to easy to forget about luggage and essentially leave it in the SUV rental, limousine rental or whatever private car service you chose. Another consideration is how often the services will be needed. If you are strictly looking for airport service, chances are you will never speak to or talk to the company again. However if you are using the company for travel as well airport services then chances are you will be in contact with the company through out the entire stay. This is one reason why it is wise to choose the same company for all your car service needs.

Getting Lost

There is an important lunch date and the head of accounting has not made it to the restaurant. A phone call revels that they are lost in traffic and trying to find their way. If all parties had traveled together in the same vehicle this would never happen. Consider the same when leaving the airport heading for the hotel. It is a new town, and it could be incredibly hard to make your way through. Using airport services and allowing a vehicle to pick up all travelers and transport them at once eliminates all of these problems.

Weird Trouble

You may be thinking what is meant by “weird” in this section. Many places have some weird laws and you are expected to know these laws when visiting, traveling to and driving through these places. Allowing a car service to pick everyone up and transport them ensures that the person driving is familiar with all of the local laws including those that involve the road. This can keep confusion down, save time and frustration and go further in keeping everyone safe.


Everyone knows how important schedules are and when traveling for business, especially in large groups schedules are even more important. Allowing car services to provide airport service and transportation service throughout the duration of the stay helps keep everyone on schedule for the days plans. This also ensures that everyone arrives back at the airport on time for departure. This can eliminate one person not making the flight home. It helps make it easier to schedule the day when it comes to meeting and luncheons. It can help schedule be more strict allowing more free time since some of the waiting time can be removed from the schedule.

Utilize transportation services to allow you to enjoy your trip more and stress less. These services are meant to make the trip easier for you and for your colleagues. Make these services one of the first things on your list to check off before business travel comes around. You will not only be glad you did, but you’re bound to find a favorite company within each area that will soon become your go-to company for all business travel needs.

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