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Your high school son has been preparing for this Homecoming since the first day of summer. In fact, as soon as his junior year in high school ended, he began making plans to ask one of his best friends since elementary to their senior year Homecoming.
From the first picture that he took of the two of them on the summer choir trip to Los Angeles to the questions about prices of party buses, your son was determined to make this last Homecoming with his best friends the best one ever. Looking back at the photos that he was sending you from that trip in the first week of June, it is difficult to deny that he was the master of planning an event.

A picture of the two of them at the airport as they prepared to depart for their first trip together since their Montessori middle school adventure to the Rocky Mountains.

A picture of the two of them at the beach the afternoon they arrived in California.
A picture of the two of them at the entrance to Disneyland

A picture of the two of them at the Medieval dinner the entire group attended.

A picture of the two of them posing on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
A picture of the two of them at their favorite stop of the trip, Harry Potter World.

A picture of the two of them wearing the required matching polos at the professional baseball game where they sang the National Anthem.
And finally, a picture of the two of them and friends having dinner together.

Even though the two had not spent the entire trip together, your son make sure that they met for at least one photo at each of their destination, and that they had dinner together on the last evening of the adventure. The dinner, much like the rest of the trip, was spent with a group of friends, but your son made sure that he sat with his soon to be Homecoming date on that last evening in California.

His reason for sending you all of these pictures was twofold. Number one, he wanted to make sure that he kept you up t o date on the events of the trip. Number two, he wanted to make sure that he had a back up of all the photos that he planned to use when he asked this friend of the last 14 years to the first dance of their senior year in high school.

On the enormous sign that he made he also included some of the adorable photos of them working together in that very first Montessori classroom, as well as other photos that the two had been sure to share with their moms throughout the years. The definition of Best Friends, your son simply explained announced on his poster that he just need one more picture of the two of them together: a picture of her as his date to their senior year Homecoming.

Party buses do not have to mean drinking and dates do not have to mean romance, but if there was ever a impressive Homecoming invitation, this was it.
The Best Friends Are Old Friends
Senior year is full of nostalgia, and is not uncommon for classmates who have been friends for years to make sure their senior year is a time to remember. And while limo services may seem a little formal for a group of high schoolers, it should come as no surprise that party bus rentals are perfect. Often used for wedding parties, these party buses can also be the perfect mode of transportation for a group of friends who want a safe, fun way to travel to dinner and to the big dances of the year.

When it comes to high school dances and other events during the senior year, many parents want to help make sure their children have a fun and safe way to get to and from the dances and to and from the dinners. Renting party buses or limos for the evening is a great solution. Nearly 60% of limousine service companies have fewer than five vehicles hough, so it is important to make plans early so that you can get the perfect picture of the big event.

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