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Luxury golf vacations

Do you want a birdie in golf? The term birdie originated in the 19th century, when American slang referred to bird as anything great. Take a bird of a vacation on the best golf vacations. More American golfers took trips within the U.S. for golf than skiers, tennis players or sailors did combined.

What are some of the best golf vacations to take? Many take luxury golf vacations in Hawaii. One of the more popular tourist destinations in the world, Hawaii has natural beauty and great golf. Some of the best golf vacations are to places like Pebble Beach.

Many of the best golf vacations are elsewhere. Spokane has the best golf vacations for uniqueness. Home of the Lilac Bloomsday run, it also has Hoopfest, the largest three on three basketball tournament in the world. The best golf vacations for history fans is St Andrews Gold Club. Established in Yonkers in 1888, the club is considered the oldest permanently existing gold club.

How can you pursue the best golf vacations? Call a travel agent and see what golf trip packages are available. After all, many organizations have such packages. Get more info here:

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