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Are you seeking out a working ranch for sale? Crop production and farming is an ever-booming industry and the time has never been better to get your start. The name of the game is ‘location, location, location’ and the United States still leads the world in some of the highest quality land for agricultural production and livestock. Whether you’re interested in building a cattle ranch or are leaning toward horse property, you can rest easy knowing you have a wide range of options to choose from. Below is a simple list detailing industry statistics, production specifics and the most popular states for an entrepreneur to started in.

Ranching In The United States

When seeking out a working ranch for sale, it’s imperative to be caught up on the competition. There are an estimated two million farms in the United States alone, each boasting their own unique history and fingerprint on the larger economy. The vast majority of crop-producing farms in the United States are family owned, with each of the country’s 50 states having some form of long-term agricultural production.


If you’re interested in creating high-demand crops, look no further than California. This state leads the nation in over 66 different crops, including artichokes, figs, dates, almonds, peaches, prunes, pomegranates and walnuts. The Golden State also boasts an impressive wine industry and has miles of land devoted entirely to high-quality vineyards. Established all the way back in the late 1800’s, Californian wine has taken the country by storm and is considered one of the most economically impactful food industries to date. Followed by Iowa and Illinois, the state of California ranks first in agricultural cash receipts.


When it comes to farm real estate, you’ll never go wrong with Texas. This state leads the nation in terms of value, boasting some of the largest and most economically viable acres of land around. The impact of both production agriculture and related business on the Texas economy is a whopping $36 billion year after year, showing little signs of slowing down in recent studies. It’s estimated one in seven working Texans are in an agriculture-related job, amounting to nearly 15% of the total state’s population. The United States is a massive continent, allowing for a wealth of different weather patterns and land content.


Wyoming farms’ crop production has exceeded $520 million as of recent years. The state uses its nearly 30 million acres of land for consistent production agriculture, providing everything from livestock to viable crops. The average farm is found to be around 435 acres, with around 920 million acres of farmland around the country overall — one-third is thought to be owned by full owners, alongside the more common family-owned models. Similarly, Nebraska rakes in over $20 billion exporting agricultural goods to the rest of the world.

Finding A Working Ranch For Sale

If you’re interested in cultivating crops or livestock, a working ranch for sale will ensure your business ventures become a reality. A farm, specifically, uses land to grow and harvest crops. A ranch, on the other hand, dedicates acres of land to hosting livestock for wool, meat and labor purposes. The real estate value of farming land in the United States has amounted to a staggering $2 trillion as of recent years, maintaining the West’s significant influence in some of the most impactful industries around. When recent statistics have shown American agriculture generating a gross output of over $374 billion, there’s little room for failure when branching out into a working ranch for sale.

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