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Every year, thousands of Americans spend their vacation time camping. They camp in many different ways and in many different places. Some will take their RV and head down to their favorite RV campground, complete with all of the provisions they will need to stay for as long as they wish.

In fact, many who enjoy the RV experience seem to like to be in the outdoors the most. Among campers, they stay the longest, with 13% staying for a week or more.

If you like the idea of camping but would rather not spend the bucks on an RV or dish out all that money on tents and other supplies, you might want to consider looking into cabins. Whether you rent cabins in New York or cabins in Kentucky, you are apt to find conditions that are as rustic or as modern as you desire.

For many campers, advanced reservations are not something they like to make. They like the freedom of being able to travel to a place and make their camp when they are ready. In fact, 34% of campers did not make their reservations ahead of time.

If you prefer the idea of a cabin, however, it would be best if you put yourself in the company of the 43% of campers who plan their trips at least a month in advance. Reservations ensure that you will get the campsite you desire, and it is easy to make reservations by either going online or calling the campsite and speaking to a staff member.

When you go camping in a cabin, you make it easy on yourself. Getting outside with minimal planning while still enjoying the rustic adventure of outdoor living is what cabin camping is all about. Depending on the particular campsite, your cabin could sleep one or two or even six or seven, and you don’t have to worry about the weather throwing a damper on all of your plans.

Unlike a tent or other types of camping shelters, cabins enable you to stay indoors in comfort while the weather outside does what it likes. Cabins can range from fully furnished retreats to very simple structures that have only the basics. You decide what you and your crew are up for.

Camping is a pastime that goes back many generations in America. It was a way of life for our first settlers and over the last one hundred years has provided an escapism joy for thousands of people. Depending on where in the country you plan to travel, finding a campground is not a difficult thing to do. In the warmer climates, you can camp all year round. In other seasonal climates like New York or Washinton state, the camping season might be slightly shorter, but the experiences are beautiful and brilliant.

Hop on over to a camping website and book your cabin today!

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