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With the pandemic pausing everyone’s lives where school and work are concerned, it’s more popular than ever to take family trips during the school year. This is partly because other vacations were canceled due to COVID-19. But can your child attend their private school classes while traveling? Keep reading to find out!

This answer really depends on what the school allows. If the school already offers a remote option, then it’s probably okay for your child to take school with them while they travel.

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If there are no remote options available, it might be more difficult to convince the school. This is because it can be difficult for teachers to keep the focus of students in the classroom and over video calls at the same time. It also might create a disruption in the classroom.

If the school does allow online learning, it’s all a matter of keeping your child focused on their school, even while on vacation. This is difficult for many students, so always consider your child’s attention skills when making the decision to take their school on vacation.

For some advice on traveling while your child is at online school, take a look at the video in this article. It provides some great insight into the topic!


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