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Now that handheld super computers are readily available and fairly affordable, people are more plugged into these devices now more than ever. And while these devices were created to be helpful and not harmful, the near constant use of them can have some pretty serious side effects and consequences. For example, did you know that the brain is just as impaired during distracted driving from texting as it is when under the influence of a substance? As such, balance is key when it comes to the use of digital devices.

Even though unplugging from digital devices may seem nearly impossible, there are several healthy ways to go about doing so, with camping being one of the best ways. Whether you’re “glamping” in high end cabins, roughing it in a tent, or enjoying the best of both worlds in an RV park, time spent outside in the great outdoors has some great benefits.

Spending time outdoors has a great deal of physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual benefits. Science is only beginning to now confirm what many ancient cultures and people have known for thousands of years; nature is man’s best friend. Time spent away from digital screens and instead spent with animals or the outdoors can work wonders in terms of improving mood, lowering blood pressure, and providing a sense of clarity and peace of mind.

If you’re not used to spending a significant time outdoors or in nature, the idea of doing so can feel a bit overwhelming or impractical. A great way to enjoy the great outdoors without sacrificing all the creature comforts of home is camping in an RV park. Like other campgrounds with brick and mortar buildings, RV parks allow guests to feel immersed in nature while having easy access to the convenient amenities such as electricity, hot water, refrigeration, and flush toilets.

RV parks also provide a great sense of community, a fact which can be very comforting to lonesome campers or those who are wary of camping outdoors alone. RV parks often host social events that allow and encourage guests to intermingle and mix with each other. It’s extremely common for park residents to develop meaningful, long lasting friendships with other park guests.

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