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Things to do in ocala florida

Florida is one of the most common tourist states, and for good reason. No matter where you go in Florida, you are never more than 60 miles from the beach. Those wonderful beaches are accompanied with wonderful weather and an abundance of exciting activities. You could realistically take numerous Florida vacations, and never experience the same exact vacation! If you are travelling to the beautiful state of Florida this spring, be sure you enjoy some of these wonderful activities.

Beach combing

Beach combing traditionally means looking for items of value along the beach. However, some tend to do the majority of their beach combing by splashing in the waves or lying on the beach, taking in some of Florida?s warm sunrays. Whatever your definition of beach combing is, you will find many opportunities for it along the many Florida coastlines. You will find numerous types of seashells. You may even find other interesting items!

Water sports

With the entire state of Florida being surrounded by oceans, there are many water things to do. In fact, many people visit the state of Florida specifically for the clear and warm oceans. You can participate in boating, fishing, and snorkeling pretty much year round. If you prefer to stay on land and dip your toes in the water, you will find many opportunities for that as well. Some families enjoy the coastline so much that they will bring camping accessories and set up camp right on the beach. In 2013, campers traveled an average distance of 186.7 miles for camping trips. You will find many beachfront camping locations throughout Florida.

Horseback riding and farm activities

When you think of things to do in Florida, you may not immediately think of farming. Although Florida is not initially known for its farm availability, there is a good amount of farms throughout the state. Horseback riding is actually a great activity in Florida. The weather is always warm and you can explore more of the land while on horseback. Many of the farms even have regular horse shows, allowing you to get to know more about the horses and the farmlands. It can be especially exciting to take a sunset horseback ride along the beach front.

Biking and roller blading

Although many of Florida?s tourists spend the majority of their time on the many beaches, a large percentage of them also enjoy visiting the local cities. Many of the cities are full of theaters, attractions, and shops. You will also find some of the best restaurants in these smaller tourist attracted cities. Visit the nearest bike shop and rent a bike or pair of rollerblades. The bike allows you to visit the nearest city attractions. For a slower pace, consider renting a two person bike or a bike with a basket for all of the wonderful things you will find to purchase.


Florida remains one of the best golfing destinations in the world. With the weather being warm all year long, the golf courses can be better maintained. They are also surrounded by palm trees and many exotic southern animals. A lot of northern residents flock to the state to improve their golf game during the winter months. With more than 1,300 golf courses in Florida, you are sure to find one that meets your skill and location needs.

Adrenaline activities

You are on vacation, why not engage in some adrenaline inducing activities? You will also find opportunities for zip lines, sky diving, and even alligator river tours. Zip lining can be extremely exciting in the state, as it allows you to take in additional views of the oceans and palm tree lined land. If you are feeling especially risky, consider taking a sky diving or zip line tour over one of the large ocean areas.

Florida has and will always be a vacation destination. The state of Florida offers so many things to do. You will find numerous things to do, regardless of your preferences. You can spend your time on the beaches, engaging in water sports, biking through the tourist cities, sky diving or zip lining, or golfing. Regardless of what you choose to do, you are sure to have the best vacation of your life.

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