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Who doesn’t love camping? There are certainly individuals who claim that camping just might not be for them, but in most cases it is probably safe to say that those people have just simply not figured out their own personal camping style yet. Maybe if their experiences were at public campgrounds, as about 70% of the camping that people do typically is, they would change their minds if they ventured out further into the woods, or checked out some beautiful lakeside campgrounds. There are just about as many different types of camping as there are potential campers, so if you or someone you know has reservations about giving camping a try, see if you can figure out which type of camping just might turn things around.

From lakeside campgrounds to camp resorts

Some people need the serenity of lakeside campgrounds to feel fulfilled in their camping experience. And sometimes it is the variety of activities that being at lakeside campgrounds provides that truly enriches the outdoor adventure. From swimming and kayaking to fishing and tubing, being on the water is the perfect chance to kick back and forget the stress you were supposed to leave at home. Some prefer campgrounds with a pool, and there are plenty of those to choose from. Public campgrounds are great for getting to know new people or feeling a bit more connected to civilization, with the camping amenities that many campgrounds offer. And if you are on the other end of the spectrum, there are shady campsites a bit more isolated if you decide to hike out a bit first before finding the place that you’ll eventually bed down.

Old and new traditions
For some, memories of family camping trips from their childhood are what shape their feelings towards camping as adults, whether that is a good thing or not. But the important thing to remember is that camping can become anything that you want it to be. If you want to mirror those wonderful moments of your youth, gathered around the campfire, then by all means, carry on that tradition with your own family or friends. But if your memories of camping are hazy with mosquito clouds and getting lost or being unable to sleep on the hard ground, try switching it up. If you don’t think you could swing it in a tent, consider renting an RV or a small cabin. Camping, however rustic or luxurious, is whatever you want it to be. There are so many different styles of camping. Just keep looking until you find yours!

For those looking for a different approach
Perhaps you have done the classic tent camping, in public campgrounds and out in the wilderness, but you are looking for a new twist. Or you are less likely to go camping if you have to rough it, but your RV isn’t working, or you don’t want to go back to the same cabin you did last year. Time to expand your horizons and your camping experiences. For the tent campers, consider switching to a tiny bivy, which is basically an enclosed tent just big enough to fit a person. It is a small, waterproof shelter, but takes up less space and is lighter, both pluses if you are going to be hiking to your camping spot. And for the less rustic campers, you could try out a yurt. Yurts are large round tents that when rented out, typically have modern flooring almost like a cabin, as well as nice, comfortable furnishings. There are even places that rent out teepee like structures or other types of dwellings.

On average, campers spent an average of about 14 to 15 days camping, and traveled an approximate average distance of about 187 miles for their trips. The beautiful thing is, in planning your camping adventure, you can look at those averages as suggestions and guidelines to base your trip on, or do something completely different. It is your trip, and you get to do absolutely whatever you want in order to make it the most enjoyable for you.

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