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Is this your first time camping? You’re in good hands. While camping is a very popular recreational hobby in the United States, that doesn’t mean everyone’s familiar with the ins and outs of organizing a schedule, packing up necessities and choosing ideal resorts or locations to relax in for a few days. Camping shouldn’t be a stressful endeavor, not when it’s meant to be a way for you to recover from months of hard work, so take a look below at the top five tips you should know when searching for family campgrounds or fun activities to do.

Bring Your Family And Friends

Why are you going on summer camping trips? To have a good time, of course! One study saw nearly 15% of adult participants camping specifically because they wanted to spend more time with their family, immediate or otherwise. The year 2010 alone saw over 40 million people going camping for a collective 515 million outings, making camping one of the best ways of getting reacquainted with the people that mean the most to you. But how can you go about doing this? Family campgrounds have a good idea.

Get Ready To Get Dirty

The great outdoors is just waiting for you to get down and dirty. A recent survey saw an overwhelming majority of 85% of campers participating in multiple outdoor activities. The most common by far are backpacking and hiking, though kayaking, fishing and swimming are also high on the list for doing the dual work of providing relief and exercise in the hot weather. Whichever ones you choose, it’s important to bring the right equipment to make sure you and your family are enjoying themselves to the fullest.

Double-Check Your Equipment

What should you bring on camping vacations? Let’s go over the basics. You’ll want a powerful sunblock to stave off harmful UV rays and keep you from getting a painful sunburn once the week’s over. Try to find a brand that has a high concentration of zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, as these are broad spectrum and provide the most consistent protection. For those with sensitive skin, make sure to reapply every few hours! Bug spray will help stave off mosquito bites and a sunhat can help keep the sun out of your eyes.

Make Sure To Relax

Stomping up mountain trails and diving into a beautiful lake is all well and good. Remember, however, to just relax. Studies on psychology only continue to prove that less truly is more when it comes to mental and emotional health. People who engage in regular fishing, for starters, have been proven to have reduced levels of anxiety than those who don’t pick up a calming hobby.

Plan Your Ultimate Family Camping Trips

Feeling more confident? It’s time to look up some family campgrounds and plan your ultimate summer trip. Camping amenities can help provide comfortable additions to your vacation, such as campfires and washrooms, while still giving you the feel of the great outdoors. The vast majority of camping is done at family campgrounds, at around 70%, and your family will be much more likely to make camping a yearly event once they go. Don’t let this summer pass you by. Stock up on helpful tips and enjoy yourself!

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