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Among car culture and the transportation community, limos have always had something of a luxury status. The limousine service is a status of luxury and comfort, a sign of business or formal occasion. The standard ‘wow factor’ of the limousine car service can be so blinding that it’s easy to forget that the limousine is a fascinating car with a complex history and emerging story all its own. Limousines might seem to fall into one solid category, long, black, expensive, etc, but there are and have been many different kinds of limousines throughout the twentieth century. Here are some interesting facts about the limo as a construct and car.

-A presidential limo is given to the vice-president every four years and a new one is built in its place. The older limo can be given to a visiting head of another country as well. This is a rarer gift and being tasked with the care of the older presidential limo is a sign of utmost respect for whoever it is handed to. This means that there are quite a few presidential limos still active around the country and in the wider world.

-The world’s fastest limousine can go 166 mph and has been placed in the Guinness Book of World Records. It has two enormous gull-wings, advanced racing seats with harnesses and can have up to eight passengers at once. As a 20 foot long Ferrari, also the largest Ferrari in the world, it’s quite a sight to see. This is one car that no car services would be able to easily rent out.

-On the subject of world records, the largest limousine was over 100 feet long. Built in 1997, it had 26 wheels and multiple spots for drivers. It’s middle section was even hinged so it could turn easier. Jay Ohrberg was the one to build this monster Lincoln which had 26 wheels overall. With a car so long, every part had to work together to support its schematic construction. This means that every part of the car had to be inspected multiple times to make sure every piece of the construction was in harmony with every other moving part. Imagine seeing this car on the road!

-There are a multitude of types of limousines more than just the standard black. Many car services and companies have limousine versions of their cars though not all make the choice. Stretch limousines are often popular for parties and celebratory events. Trolley limousines and shuttle limousines can sometimes be cheaper for those who want to save money and avoid the more expensive models. The fleet size of any group of limousines is often 5.

-Limo services tend to charge based on the car but not the occupancy. With this in mind, the 6 passenger choices are often the best choice for the amount of money spent though car services offer up to eight or ten passenger cars if needed.

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