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Tipi holidays

Instead of finding a big house to rent, have you ever thought of finding some quirky places to stay the night? This is what glamping is all about. You could be spending a holiday in a tipi or a holiday in a yurt instead of spending every night the same way that you would have spent it if you’d stayed home. What fun is that? You’re bound to grow bored and deep down start searching for something that’s just a bit different from the norm. This is what quirky places to stay are able to give you, something different than the norm. There are even treehouse holidays or you could stay in a shepherds hut because there really are a whole lot of quirky places to stay the night available if you just take a little time out of your busy life to look for them. This is great because then you’ll have a genuinely different location in which to stay. Of course, when you do spend the night in one of these places you’ll have some memories that you’re bound to carry with you for quite a while.

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