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As summer approaches, many families are asking themselves what they want do for a family vacation! It’s not always an easy decision to make since it can be hard to fit everyone’s interests into one trip, especially if you’re on a budget. There are tons of hotels and motels out there near tourist sites, but these vacations can get expensive, and there’s no guarantee that everyone will have a memorable time.

If you’re strapped for ideas and cash, consider family camping trips! Family camping trips provide something for everyone. Activities like fishing, kayaking, hiking, or just sitting around a campfire at night aren’t only fun but also great bonding opportunities for parents, spouses, and children. In fact, a survey shows that 13% of those adults who participated claimed that their reason for going on camping trips was to spend more time with their families. For these reasons, millions of Americans spend time camping each year.

So if you decide that this summer you’re going to skip the hotel and try roughing it with your family, here are some activities you need to try!

1) Scavenger Hunts/Nature Walks

The adults in the group might enjoy simply taking a stroll through the wooded campgrounds. The kids, however, might want more stimulation than that! Not to worry — there are ways to make nature walks fun and enjoyable for everyone. A great activity for the whole family is scavenger hunting. This activity can be simple, too. Before setting off, make a list of things to look for, like certain shapes of rocks, colors of leaves, even types of local animals. Giving everyone something to look for will keep the walk interesting and purposeful.

2) Water Activities

If you’re camping near a lake, there are several water-based activities to try out. If the body of water is natural and large enough, chances are it harbors fish. Get a fishing license, some bait, and some rods before heading out and enjoy the age-old pastime of fishing with your family. Some campgrounds also offer fishing rod rentals! Another activity is kayaking or canoeing. If you don’t own one of these boats or can’t afford one, see if the campgrounds offer rentals ahead of time.

3) Around the Campfire

When you imagine family camping trips, you undoubtedly think of a campfire as well. Campfires are staples of the camping experience, and for good reason. The campfire represents a place of warmth and commonality. People gather around a campfire to cozy up to nature and to each other, to tell stories, and perhaps roast some marshmallows or hot dogs. When the day is unwinding and so is your family, building a campfire together and relaxing around it can be another great bonding experience and perfect way to end an evening of adventuring.

A great family vacation might not be as far away or as expensive as you might think. Taking your family to the great outdoors can be fun, relaxing, memorable, and extremely rewarding for everyone!

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