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Flying is one of the quickest ways to get around if you’re going a long distance, but it can be an immense hassle. No one enjoys going through the necessary routine of security (and customs, if you’re traveling internationally) or arriving at the airport at least an hour before your flight. Not to mention the frustration when flights are delayed, you wait on the tarmac for hours, or the irritations of being around thousands of other passengers. This is where being able to charter a private jet for private flights can be a total godsend. Some companies may have a private jet charter for business, especially if their employees are “on the road” a significant amount. There are many benefits to using private jets, but how do you get the best private jet experience?

What Do I Need to Know About Private Jets?

Private jets are owned by private companies who aren’t part of the commercial aviation industry. The United States makes up almost 50% of the private jet market and there were over 11,000 private jets registered in the United States in 2011. Europe is the second largest contender in the market, making up just under 21% of the private jet market.

Private jets are often used by the rich and famous
, but business aircraft passengers also make up a significant part of the population who regularly seeks the best private jet experience. Over 20% of the business aircraft passengers are top management and fully half are managers.

There are over one million Americans who work for the business aviation industry, which makes around $150 billion for the economy annually.

What are the Benefits to Chartering a Private Jet?

Less Hassle

Tired of waiting in security lines or dealing with the TSA? With a private jet, you don’t have to worry about any of that. You can get to the plane, have your ID checked, and be on your way within minutes. No more getting to the airport an hour or two before your flight!

Increased Productivity

A 2009 survey showed that respondents said they were 20% more productive when they were on a company aircraft than working in the office. And business people who flew on commercial airlines (versus a private airline) said that they had a 40% decrease in their productivity, according to the same survey. Get the best private jet experience with space, privacy, and the quiet needed to get your work done.

Faster Flight Times

There are a couple perks to flying private, including faster flight times. Smaller jets fly higher than commercial jets (which cruise at around 35,000 feet), which means they can avoid air traffic, speeding up flight times. Bad weather may also not hinder your flight plans, since private jets have more airports to choose from for landing and can change their plans much more quickly than commercial jets.

More Airports
Private jets have an immense network of airports all across the United States, compared to the options open to commercial airlines. There are over 5,000 airports open to private jets, as opposed to the 550 that commercial airlines can use. This may account for the fact that a third of business aircraft flights are into a secondary airport, while under 20% fly into commercial airports.

What Should I Know About Flying Private?

Though flying on a private jet is considerably easier than flying commercial, there are a few things you should know to make your trip easier. Remember to bring some type of identification with you. If you’re flying with a big group, it’s a good idea to pack lightly — there’s not quite as much as storage on a private jet. And remember that it’s considered courteous to tip the pilot, which isn’t the case on a commercial flight.

Have the best private jet experience and make your next business trip low-stress and hassle-free with a private plane charter. See if your company has partnerships with a private aircraft company and sit back and enjoy the experience!

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