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Taking a vacation to London may be something that you wished you could have done during the London Olympics, but it turns out that right now is not a bad time, either. In the wake of the slowed tourism, hotels in the area have actually lowered their rates to be more affordable throughout 2013. Now is actually a great time to visit Kings Cross in London with your family and see the sights.

When planning a vacation, there are certain things you can do to save money, and still ensure that you have a great time. The first is to get discount hotel rooms, and the second is to make sure you know what the best attractions are. Here are some tips on how to plan a vacation for the family to visit Kings Cross in London.

  • Start with checking hotel booking sites.
  • Family vacations are better when you save a little money finding good discount hotel rooms. When you use a hotel booking site, you can compare rates among multiple hotels and narrow down your options. Look for hotels near Kings Cross Station to get the most out of your trip, as that will have you centrally located to see the best attractions. Between 2008 and 2009 London hotels attempted to make their rates more affordable for tourists, and lowered them by about 20%. You can also use a travel agent to help you find a hotel that is within your budget, and also attractions that your entire family will enjoy.

  • Find fantastic things to do and sights to see.
  • Not every city in the world is packed with attractions and hotels, just waiting for tourists from every corner of the world, but London is one of those cities. When you are in London, visit the London Dungeon, the London Zoo, the Natural History Museum, Big Ben, and one very unique shop called Hamleys. Hamleys is essentially a toy shop, but they also provide entertainment at the shop just for kids. This is not just a toy shop for children, though, so everyone in the family will likely find something to interest them there.

    In the Kings Cross area specifically you can find theaters showing kid-friendly, family-oriented, and adult shows as well. Try the Shaw Theater or the Bloomsbury if you want to be close to the hotel. Since you will be staying so close to the famous Kings Cross Station, if there are any Harry Potter fans in the family then it is only appropriate to visit the Platform 9 and three-quarters for a photo. Hardcore fans will want to take a bus trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour where you can see real sets from the movies, props, and more.

Having discount hotel rooms at a Kings Cross hotel will really prove its value when you have spent a busy day sight-seeing, and all you want to do is get back to your room. Close proximity to the station as well as multiple attractions will make the hotel one of the best things about your trip. If you are planning to visit London, consider getting an affordable room near the famous station, and planning to visit some of the most interesting and family friendly attractions London has to offer. References:

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