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Life gets complicated. Your group of friends from college were so good about getting together at least once a year for quite awhile. As the years progressed, however, the get togethers became less frequent. Families were busy with children, jobs, and other commitments. Keeping on top of all of these responsibilities often means that vacations with friends are far less common. The decision and commitment to schedule time to relax with friends and family, however, are worth the time.
And while many family members and friends often have good intentions when it comes to planning get togethers, it often takes the lure of some of the very best locations like vacation condo rentals to make these trips happen. Consider some of the following options:

  • Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Condos Although any beach location is a popular option, the nation’s baseball fans may have Myrtle Beach in their minds after they finished the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers capture their first College World Series title. The school, located just a few minutes from Myrtle Beach in Conway, made its first trip to the premier college baseball event in Omaha. The frequent commercials of the college and its neighbor Myrtle Beach may encourage families with college age students to travel to the beach for a college visit.
  • Colorado Mountain Vacation Condo Rentals Popular in both the summer and the winter, Colorado offers both variety and adventure. Whether a group of college friends wants to meet so that their children can ski together over spring break or go alpine sliding during the summer, Colorado is a climate and a location that attracts many vacationers. Quiet evenings around a campfire just a few steps from vacation condo rentals is a popular family option. Instead of waking to an alarm to get up and go to work, hikers may decide to rise at sunset for a mountain trail hike.
  • Beachside Vacation Condo Rentals for a Wedding Shower The recent popularity of ?Celebration Vacations? has fueled the growth of many vacation rental number. In fact, nearly 69% of leisure travelers indicate that they have taken a vacation to celebrate a special occasion like a wedding, an anniversary, or a retirement. Beach settings on either coast make for fun afternoons, beautiful photos, and memorable moments to celebrate some of the most important transformations in life.
  • Remote Vacation Rentals for Productive Business Retreats Meeting can get plenty old, but with the offering of an intriguing location may entice even the most reluctant business men and women to attend. Afternoon meetings at a rustic cabin with a scenic view can help workers think outside of the box and create new strategies for a company of any side. Removed from the technology that rules so much of a business person’s life may be the best way to refocus and redirect.

Mountain or Beach Condo Rentals Encourage People to Take a Break from Their Schedules
Making the decision to vacation with family and friends is an opportunity to reevaluate your priorities. Parents who make spending time with their children, for example, teach the next generation the importance of spending time with loved ones instead of only working for the next paycheck. Additionally, vacationing allows people the opportunity to refresh and rejuvenate. A tired worker is not a productive worker. Unfortunately, too many Americans let their unused vacation days go to waste.
Instead of working day after day, perhaps it is time to schedule something far more important than a business meeting. Scheduling a vacation with family and friends sends the signal that these down times are important as well. Once they make the decision to schedule a vacation, most leisure travelers choose vacation rentals as an alternative to staying in a more traditional hotel. They make this choice for the following reasons:

  • 94% value for price
  • 90% privacy
  • 87% full kitchen facilities
  • 84% vacation rental amenities
  • 81% more overall space

Are You One of the 43% of Americans Who Take a Summer Vacation?
No matter how complicated life gets it is important to take time to relax and regroup. Making the decision to take these relaxing days with both family and friends is making the decision to let the important people in your life understand how much you value them.
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