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That summer vacation is right around the corner, and for families that enjoy their time out, it means looking for a great getaway location that won’t break the bank.

There are plenty of family vacation spots that you can choose from, but finding the right location to explore during the summer holidays can make all the difference when it comes to cutting cost. Whether your family is seeking for an adventure experience or simply a beach vacation. There numerous local and international destinations, so you’re certain to find something that meets all your family interest.

Here are 8 family vacation spots for a fun family gateway experience.

1.Family Resorts
One of the popular holiday destination choices for families is the all-inclusive resorts. They have well-structured packages for large groups and a wide variety of activities for both adults and children. Most summer resorts also offer spa services, so you get to pamper yourself with some therapeutic massage while your children are enjoying at the waterparks.

2.Disney World
If there is a company that has managed to captivate the hearts and imaginations of kids for years, that would be Disney. And don’t assume Disney is only meant for kids. As a couple, you can also enjoy the themed relaxing resorts, spa, restaurants and more.

3.National Parks and Museums
If your family is into nature and wildlife, then a trip to animal park would be your ideal choice. National parks offer families a great destination to enjoy the nature’s beauty and amazing landscapes. You not only get to interact animals in their natural wildlife, but also learn something about geological and cultural history, as you also capture great moments outdoors.

4.Road Trip and Camping
Family camping trip and road trip are perhaps the most affordable way to create memories outdoor with your family. It offers a nice way to show your kids the beautiful landscapes and appreciate nature. You may want to combine your road trip with camping to experience the best of both worlds. There’s numerous campground to consider, but you want to choose one that allows maximum family excursion. Some campsite will have streams and rivers passing through, which makes it even better for family fishing.

5.Cruising Vacation
Although cruising is a relatively costly vacation idea, it continues to grow in popularity as more people are getting interested in the marine life. Each cruise ship is built differently with some offering basically every service you’d find in a beach resort hotel. When choosing a cruise line, do research to make sure you find one that meets your family needs and expectations.

6.City Breaks
Are you tired of the city? Well, your family can truly enjoy sightseeing during a hiking trip. For U.S. residents, there numerous urban escape options across the states. Find what your family is into and plan accordingly. Biking trail is yet another idea that can be incorporated when exploring the outdoors.

It’s reported that 37% of families agree that vacations make them happy, making it the leading activity that makes families most happy. Whatever your budget is, these family vacation spots are just what you need for your summer holidays.

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