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Each state has its own natural beauty and appeal.

The endless beaches of Hawaii, the thriving culture of California, the brilliant landscape of Washington…it’s not hard to see why the United States is well-known for its road trip culture. When you want to enjoy lush forests, beautiful weather and varied wildlife, Alaska is your one-stop shop for all things nature. Alaska vacations have risen in popularity over the years thanks to the state’s gorgeous environment, proving an ideal option for families and couples alike. Never been to Alaska? Not sure if you should invest in a luxury lodge when planning out your next great getaway?

Here’s what you should know about nature vacations in The Last Frontier.

Did You Know?

Just how popular is Alaska? According to data released in the Alaska Almanac the state welcomed over one and a half million visitors between May and September. That’s not even touching on all the folk deciding to move to Alaska to start a family, continue their education or invest in a luxury lodge for repeat vacations! The Alaska Travel Industry Association found an estimated two million out-of-state visitors dropping by Alaska between May and September of 2016 alone. In other words? The highest visitor volume on record.

Expansive Wilderness As Far As The Eye Can See

A major source of appeal are the expansive forests, coastlines and lakes. It’s estimated over 50% of Alaska’s acreage is pure wilderness, which is great news for those in need of a little fresh air and camping therapy. The Alaska State Park System, in particular, is the largest in the United States with over three million acres of land and water. An all-inclusive resort will bring you the very best Alaska has to offer in one convenient package, whether you’re a couple who want a getaway from the workweek or a family eager to shake up the traditional yearly vacation.

Plentiful Fishing Opportunities For Everyone

Do you like to fish? You’re in luck. Alaska is a well-known fishing hotspot for hobbyists and enthusiasts alike, with 2016 seeing over 10% of Alaska’s visitors dropping by just to reel in a good catch. The same year saw over 50% of Alaska’s visitors booking a Fishing Lodge package to supplement their trip. There are an incredible variety of fish to catch, from the iconic Chinook Salmon to the Rainbow Trout. Even if you don’t catch anything? You’ll be relaxing and enjoying nature in style.

Fascinating Wildlife For Photographers And Enthusiasts

It’s not just fish people are on the lookout for in their nature vacations. Alaska is one of the most natural locations in the United States, with miles and miles of wilderness practically untouched. For those that want to get a glimpse of the world beyond consider signing up for a tour. There are American bison, brown bears and reindeer. There are mountain goats and sheep. You even have hundreds of different bird species! Today the state offers more than 75 parks, which include national parks, preserves, refuges and monuments. Which ones will you put on your checklist?

Choosing The Best Nature Vacations For Your Family

Nature vacations accomplish multiple things in one go. They provide your family with a means of getting away from the exhausting week, providing a much-needed break from the humdrum of school and work. They give you the opportunity to enjoy some fresh air, see the sights and create some memories. They get you in touch with fishing, kayaking and hiking, all wonderful activities that are just as good for your physical health as they are for bonding. In a short? Your vacation resorts in Alaska have it all. An Alaska lodge will be located in a smart spot so you can access all these features easily.

All states have their own appeal. Alaska just happens to have more than most!

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