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There’s nothing like spending time away from home taking a vacation. This activity is certainly popular throughout the United States. In fact, Research from a recent Gallup poll found that about 62% of people living in the United States took a vacation away from home during 2017. It’s understandable to have a tough time determining which places to visit. Here are six reasons to consider spending your next vacation in Kentucky.

  1. Touring Bourbon Distilleries

    Kentucky is a state that’s known for its many exports. Considering that, many tourists know Kentucky for the fine bourbon this state produces. If you want to learn more about bourbon, it’s a good idea to visit the state of Kentucky. While visiting this state, you’ll be able to tour local distilleries. In addition, you’ll likely get the chance to sample some amazon Kentucky bourbon.

  2. Visiting Carter Caves State Resort Park

    If you’re looking for something fun to do during a family vacation, consider visiting Carter Caves. If you enjoy looking at gems, you’ll love spending time at the Carter Caves Gem Mine. Those who enjoy bird watching will love spending the winter at Carter Caves State Resort Park. Families wanting to spend extra time at this location should consider bringing a tent to the Carter Caves campground.

  3. Spending Time in Berea

    Kentucky is filled with small cities and towns. One of the best cities to visit in this state is Berea. This college town is known for its vast amount of local arts and crafts vendors. Therefore, visiting Berea allows you to find unique arts and crafts products that aren’t available elsewhere. If you’re looking for something else to do this town, think about spending time at the Pinnacles.

  4. Experience Kentucky’s Local Cuisine

    Many people enjoy dining at new locations during family vacations. With that in mind, your family will find plenty of local cuisines to enjoy. For instance, many families enjoy sitting together while enjoying a slice of Derby Pie which is made with chocolate and nuts. If you’re not wanting any sweets, consider trying a Kentucky special known as the Hot Brown sandwich.

  5. Learning More About Abraham Lincoln

    It’s important for family vacations to have educational merit. Fortunately, there are plenty of historical sites to enjoy in this state. Therefore, you’ll find that you can learn quite a bit about Abraham Lincoln while visiting Kentucky. In this state, you can visit the place where Abraham Lincoln was born while learning more about his life.

  6. Visiting a Large Horse Park

    Kentucky is a state that’s known for its horses. Each year, many people visit this state to spend time watching the Kentucky Derby. Therefore, it makes sense that many people spend time visiting the Kentucky Horse Park. This park provides many things for guests to enjoy including live presentations, shows, rides, and other types of events.

In closing, there are many great things to do while spending time visiting Kentucky. This state is a great place to visit while taking part in a family vacation. One study found that 37% of families agreed that vacations make them most happy. However, it’s important to find a family vacation destination that offers something fun for everyone. If you’re looking for a state that everyone in your family will enjoy, consider booking your next trip to Kentucky.

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