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Weddings are one of our most special and beloved of celebrations.

They symbolize the eternal union, encapsulating the love you feel for another in a ceremony that’s thousands of years old. They’re an opportunity to connect with family and friends, heralding the change in your life with loved ones by your side. It stands to reason only the most beautiful wedding venues will do! When you’re sifting through your options and getting overwhelmed by all that’s on display, it helps to narrow things down. Lake resorts can make a wonderful location for a bridal party or the wedding itself.

Surrounded by nature and soaking in the love of kin and friends. What’s not to love? Here are some beautiful ideas for wedding venues you can consider as you plan your special day.

Did You Know?

Here are a few things you might not know about weddings today. According to’s 2016 ‘Traveler’s Sweet Spot’ survey, nearly 40% of men and 35% of women said romantic getaways make the best vacations. While that doesn’t sound like anything new, what is compelling is the new trend that’s been making waves. Around 50% of respondents to The Knot’s 2016 Real Weddings Study said having a reception venue with a scenic backdrop was their top priority. What matters most to you when it comes to ideal wedding venues?

Huge Mountain Resorts To Take Your Breath Away

A stunning place to start planning out the minor and major details of your wedding is a mountain resort. With towering vistas to frame your special union, these remain one of today’st most preferred locations for celebrations. Nearly 35% of weddings today are outdoor occasions, with even surprise showers and heavy winds not deterring some. Another study saw 40% of brides and grooms-to-be actively searching for unusual venues that better reflect their personality. While there’s nothing wrong with celebrating the classics, embracing what makes you unique is often much more fulfilling!

Quaint Cottage Rentals To Add Magic To Your Time Off

Do you want to stay at your wedding venues for a little longer? Pocono mountain cabin rentals and cottage rentals can transform an already gorgeous day into something straight out of a novel. The Pocono Mountains feature over 2,400 square miles of scenic mountains, winding rivers, and stunning waterfalls. You can enjoy all of these from the comfort of your cabin rental, before or after the wedding takes place. Pocono is a Lenape word, meaning ‘stream between two mountains’.

Lake Resorts To Add A Dash Of Fun To The Proceedings

Believe it or not, it’s not just mountains and waterfalls that come with your Pocono wedding venues. You also have large lakes that will truly top off your spectacular weekend. You can add a splash of fun by boating across these blue waters and fishing for both largemouth and smallmouth bass. This is perfect if you have a large family that wants to stay busy…though you can always keep the adventure to just you and your significant other! There’s no limit to what you can do when you secure the best wedding venues.

Practical Tips For Planning A Successful Wedding

Poconos wedding venues have a special place in the hearts of many. That’s because they give you the full package, from a breathtaking vista to plentiful activities to enjoy at your leisure. When planning out your wedding it’s best to take things slowly, as even the most successful occasions still take several months to figure out. The average number of wedding guests today is 165, which should give you an idea on how to set up your wedding reception. Make sure to reach out to caterers and planners to help out!

Wedding venues are more than just a place to conduct your ceremony. They’re a wonderland in of themselves.

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