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Transportation is done by means of vehicles, and today, all sorts of public transportation vehicles such as airport shuttle buses, motorcoaches, trains, planes, subways, and taxis are available. Charter bus rental, taking the shuttle to an airport of house of worship, or a limousine may be a fine way to travel, and for some clients, taking the shuttle or a bus somewhere is indeed the only way to travel. Getting transport to another place regularly or just once can be very helpful, and the United States is home to plenty of buses, motorcoaches, taxis, and more for this very job. So, taking the shuttle may be just a phone call away.

Who Rides

Who is taking the shuttle or a taxi? Some clients of public transport are the elderly, who, objectively speaking, are poor drivers. As adults age, their reflexes, coordination, motor skills, and attention span may decrease, and this can make them dangerous drivers on the road. This is not a problem for all elderly drivers, but many elderly citizens are statistically likely to cause or get caught in road accidents, so senior citizens who have trouble driving are urged to take buses or taxis instead. Many indeed take this route, and to good effect. It is common for elderly members of a house of worship to have regular transport there and back in a small buss or minivan, often owned by a church, synagogue, or similar house. This may save some fuel and cut emissions, too, since fewer vehicles are on the road. Church and synagogue shuttle buses are a typical sight, and they are a great option for elderly patrons who can’t drive themselves.

A person may also be taking the shuttle to an airport for a long flight. After all, if someone is going out of the country for two weeks, it may be impractical to drive themselves to the airport and leave their car there. If the passenger is unable or unwilling to secure transport from a friend or family member, he or she may instead arrange for an airport shuttle to take them to the airport’s premises. The same may be done to take that passenger back home when their return flight lands. Once a person has determined when they must arrive and later return at an airport for their flight, they can arrange shuttle transport. Over the phone or online, the passenger may arrange for where and when the shuttle will take them (and their luggage) to and from the airport.


Motorcoaches and buses are also a fine option for supporting local tourist industries, and these large vehicles are quite efficient at this. Just one bus may carry 40-60 tourists at once, depending on its size, and all of these tourists are ready and willing to support a local economy during their visit. Tourists will spend money on lodging, food, attractions, shopping, and more, meaning that a tour bus can pay for itself and more when it regularly brings loads of tourists to a community. The tourists are getting a fine ride during all this; modern buses may have cushioned seats, air conditioning and heating, a bathroom, and possibly even WiFi and electronic screens for showing movies or other entertainment during long drives. A good bus will also have ample storage room for passengers’ luggage underneath, and helpful bus crews will assist passengers with loading and unloading their suitcases.

Taking a Limo

A peripherally related service is renting a limousine. Some may think that limos are restricted to politicians and wealthy celebrities, but a client doesn’t have to be a movie star to rent a fine limo. Limos are a popular way to be driven to a wedding, high school prom, or other formal event, and the United States is home to many thousands of small limo companies who have vehicles available for rent. A client is advised to find a limo with correct seating space, since limos may vary in carrying capacity from four people to 10 or more. A client may also want to look over the limo ahead of time to check for maintenance issues or unwanted messes or damage inside. Previous clients may have left a mess in there.

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