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The image of the passenger bus is a popular one in Americana; reminiscent of the spirit of adventure, this symbol of travel brings out the explorer in many of us. Since the early 1920s, Americans have been traveling the country by bus, for pleasure and for work. The industry has grown and changed since then, and today, coach bus transportation is the preferred means of travel for millions; in fact, over 750 million passenger trips annually. According to the American bus Association, coach bus transportation was the fastest growing form of travel in the U.S. in 2011 and 2012, and the numbers continue to increase. While many people travel solo, the most popular activity seems to be a chartered bus for a group. For personal and business travel with a group, chartering a bus is an excellent choice, not only for the ease and comfort, but for the cost savings.

Some popular events for which people commonly charter bus services include family reunions, a tour group, attending conferences or festivals in other cities, and educational trips. In addition, businesses hire local charter buses for mobile conference rooms, allowing flexibility for varying schedules, work locations, and technology needs.

The benefits of bus travel are many, and vary depending upon the goals of the trip, but a few are as follows:

Keeping the Group Together

Whether it?s a family event or a professional development trip for employees, traveling together provides extra time for people to interact. In addition, there is less hassle than with organizing individual travel arrangements.There is less confusion in trying to coordinate multiple departure and arrival times.

Ease of Bus Travel

With charter bus travel or mobile conference rooms, one needn?t worry about directions or navigating traffic, much less parking issues. It?s taken care of. In addition, a chartered bus offers physical comforts such as climate control travel, reclining seats, and often there is wifi on a bus.

It?s Green

Chartered bus companies are helping to reduce our impact on the environment. For example, motorcoach buses get over 200 passenger miles per gallon of fuel, compared to the 27 passenger miles per gallon achieved by personal automobiles. In addition, motorcoach buses are more efficient in reducing CO2 output than either commuter rail or transit buses.

Either as mobile conference rooms for a business, modes of travel for a group of family members or coworkers, or a hub for a multi stop tourist adventure, chartering a bus is a comfortable, fun, efficient and environmentally sound choice. It brings people together and provides safe and fun travel experiences for all ages and interests.

To choose a charter bus company, there are a few important questions to keep in mind. The first is to consider how the price of the trip is determined; usually it will depend on the distance, number of people, and number of days of the trip. You should also ask about any additional costs such as parking, tolls, and permits. Be sure you understand the policies regarding cancellations, change in number of passengers, and adding more dates. Consider accessibility for any passengers needing special assistance or equipment, also. Once you are sure of all your costs and responsibilities, the rest is simple: just enjoy the trip.

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