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Vacations — we don’t get many of them, so when we are on vacation, we want to make it count. One of the most important decisions you will make regarding your vacation is not simply where you’re staying, but the accommodations you’ll be dealing with during the vacation. Vacation rentals can be difficult for people to decide upon. On the one hand, you don’t want to overspend — and you certainly need to get your money’s worth. On the other hand, many find that an uncomfortable accommodation can borderline ruin a vacation. While you won’t be spending much of your vacation indoors — at least not ideally — if you’re in cramped quarters you won’t be comfortable. This is especially true for vacationing families. Fights can easily break out when people don’t have space or the proper amenities, and the last thing a person wants on vacation is an annoyance of any kind that will keep them from relaxing. This is why, whether you’re vacationing during the summer or winter, condo rentals are rapidly becoming among the most popular vacation rental properties. No longer is it enough for people to vacation in hotel rooms — and for that matter, condo rentals offer a much greater value than small, cramped spaces. Let’s look into the advantages offered by condo rentals all year round.

Why Choose Condo Rentals Over Alternatives?

Once, people often chose hotel rooms for their vacation accommodations. Why? Well, for one thing there weren’t as many options at this point. For another, hotel rooms seemed cheaper on paper. The reality is quite different, as anyone who has vacationed in a hotel room can attest — especially when you’re on a family vacation. Ideally, everyone wants to save money on vacation; but they also want their vacation to be worth the money they do spend. When polled, 62% of people reported wanting to stay in a vacation rental rather than a hotel room because they have cheaper rates. And this is true. While at first glance vacation rentals may seem more expensive, in reality they offer better rates, and you certainly get more “bang for your buck”. It’s estimated that today, 22% of leisure travelers have chosen vacation home rentals as alternatives to hotels or resorts during the past two years, and 24% have chosen condo rentals. Condo rentals are great compromises for those who need space, but don’t want to spend their money on a full scale vacation home. Surveys have indicated that the top five reasons why people choose vacation rentals over hotels or resorts are the value for the price, privacy, full kitchen facilities, amenities, and more space overall — in that order.

What Are The Other Advantages Of Choosing A Condo Over A Hotel?

Certainly, a hotel may have a cheaper sticker price and come with benefits like room service and continental breakfasts. But the fact is that the accommodations in vacation rentals are not only more spacious, but nicer and more comfortable. As 61% of travelers report still working on some level while on vacation, you want to be as comfortable as possible while still having regular access to things like the Internet for practical purposes. Vacation rentals also tend to be more varied. While hotels are almost always in densely populated areas, vacation rentals can be either close to town or in more remote locations. With a full kitchen, a vacation rental lets you cook and do what you must; you aren’t forced to pay for an expensive restaurant meal every day.

Are There Seasonal Options For Vacation Rentals?

Yes. Vacation rentals come in many forms. If you’re on a summer vacation, you might appreciate a beach house or oceanfront condo. Should you be looking to vacation during winter, there are plenty of options available in the mountains. Don’t sell yourself short — it is very likely that you can get everything you want for a rate that you love. This is your vacation, after all. You shouldn’t have to compromise.

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