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Looking over the basic facts about Cabo San Lucas and the place seems like a true paradise. The average temperature for the winter runs from about 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. In the summer, it runs from 70 to 100 degrees. It sees between 350 and 360 days of sunny, low humidity weather. For many people, this is just about as close to perfect weather as possible. This is one reason that the vacation rentals Cabo San Lucas are so very popular.

Tips and Tricks to Making Your Cabo San Lucas Vacations Great:

  1. Go with a valid passport. Contrary to what some people believe, Mexico is a foreign country and you do need a passport to enter it. If you do not have a valid passport, you can get one rushed if you already have your plane tickets. Another thing you can do to rush your passport, is to go to your Congressperson and talk to their staff about getting it rushed to you.
  2. Get there for less with an airline consolidator. There are a number of airline consolidators out there that can get you international flights for bottom basement prices. If you are at all flexible about when you are leaving and what airports you are using, that can also make a big difference. These services can just your costs by up to 60% or more from other websites.
  3. Bring your sunscreen. Few places on the planet have beaches as amazing as the ones your will find at your vacation rentals Cabo San Lucas. Few things can derail a great beach vacation like a bad sun burn. Even if you do not burn at home, you will be closer to the equator and the sun reflects off of the water. Protect yourself with sunscreen before and aloe vera afterwards.
  4. Consider travel insurance. Whether you have gotten a stay at an all inclusive vacation package in Cabo or have gotten yourself one of the vacation rentals Cabo San Lucas, you may want to go ahead and get the travel insurance. Then if weather (think hurricane) or if anyone in your party gets sick, you will not lose all the money you paid for the trip.
  5. Take care of your stomach.andnbsp;You are going to want to take advantage of the local cuisine but your stomach may not be as thrilled. Before you go, add acidopholous to your diet. This can help your system make the adjutemnt when you get to Mexico. Bring pepto bismol and Imodium with you. You may not be able to prevent some stomach problems but you can prevengt them from ruining your vacation.
  6. Play with the whales. This part of Baja California is known for the migration of grey whales. You can get closer to them than many other animals you see out in the wild. You can even get a chance to get really up close and personal with one of the gentle creatures when you take a boat ride around them. You can get close to them from October through March.
  7. Check out the nature at the “Arch.” This arch is nothing like the St. Louis Arch but it is amazing none the less. You can take a glass bottomed boat out to the water around this natural wonder and take a peek at the wildlife under the sea who frolic and live near this spectacular site.

Americans do not take all the vacations they are entitled to take. In 2013, as many as 75% of workers who could take a vacation opted not to. Nearly 60% of people who take vacations say they work while away. Only a quarter of all American workers say they take all of their vacation time every year. If you want to break that cycle of not taking time off and of working when you are off, spending time at Cabo San Lucas resorts may be the best way to do it.

Vacation rentals Cabo San Lucas have something for everyone. Looking for great nightlife, sightseeing, wildlife, water sports? You can get all of that and more in this wonderful spot in Mexico. Take your friends or family down to Cabo for whatever kind of vacation you need.

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