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The NBAA?s Business Aviation Convention is the Grammy?s of the flight world. Ranked as the 6th largest trade show in the United States, it positions the leading aviation industry owners and manufacturers in one place on November 1-3, 2016. From IFE to flight safety, this event brings together creators and customers to discuss technology like aircraft display systems, global aircraft interiors, and maintenance and operations. Here are a few key discussions you can expect at the convention this year.

The Evolving Technology of In Flight Entertainment

During flight, some of the most relaxing things you can do from the comfort of your passenger seat are listen to music, watch movies on LED aircraft display systems, and stream content from your smartphone or tablet. This advanced technology hasn?t always been available to passengers- as commercial flight technology has evolved, so has In Flight Entertainment, or IFE. This ever changing luxury is a concept that began with beautiful flight attendants, and now includes aircraft display systems for watching movies, in seat power for listening to music, interactive games, and (mostly free) ethernet for wi-fi users. Emerging technology is keeping up with the constantly changing digital landscape to meet customer demand. Inflight entertainment system development addresses many of those changes.

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy over the Airwide Web

The threat of hackers breaching security and collecting private data is real and tangible. With the evolution of in-flight internet accessibility comes a new sophistication associated with gathering people?s information. While there are technologies available to address that threat, it has to progress at a rapid enough rate to keep up with the changes in data transmission within the aviation industry.

Airline Security and Industry Best Practices

Threat and Error Management (TEM) is a flight industry term created by human factor researchers at the University of Texas. It gives all flight personnel, no matter their title, access to an intuitive approach to managing risks and potential threats to passengers and flight crew. The TEM team implements new ways to make data recovery after airplane crashes easier by adding buoy technology to the hardware, for example. Another is the recommendation of transmitting in-flight data regularly using cloud technology. The strategic implementation of this technology could save thousands of lives.

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