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Where once traveling by plane seemed new and exciting, now it has become a part of life. People travel to visit family and to see new places — not just domestically, but internationally as well. Many programs now offer frequent flier miles, because some people fly so often that they might as well reap some benefits through remaining loyal customers with certain airlines. Of course, part of this dependence on air travel is not just because the younger generations are particularly interested in travel. Flight has become as much a part of mundane jobs as the bus or the car. Some commute through flight, visiting home on the weekends or vice versa. With as much time as people spend on planes, they deserve to be as comfortable as possible. While first class passengers have access to certain amenities — and as they are paying more, rightly so — nobody should be particularly uncomfortable during a flight. At the very least, fliers should be able to fall asleep — yet some can’t even do that. For that matter, the more comfortable passengers are, the better the flight will be for everyone involved. Many become anxious or even scared during flights, especially younger fliers. Flights that keep people both comfortable and entertained are not just easier, but safer for the passengers and crew alike.

Flight: The New Means Of Travel

Flight as something that an average person just does — not due to a special occasion, but just as a regular part of life — is still somewhat of a foreign concept to some people. While many of us have flown dozens of times, others see flight as something you only do when you really have to — that is, when you’re crossing the ocean. But to most people, flight is fairly normalized. After all, it’s estimated that over 8 million people fly each day — and those people deserve to have aircraft interior products that enhance their experience. Perhaps the main reason why some would prefer an eight our drive to a two hour flight is because aircraft interior products like inflight entertainment systems and other things that make flights more comfortable just aren’t there. Something as simple as in seat power access or aircraft display systems can make or break a flight. With as much as people spend on plane tickets, they deserve to be not simply accommodated, but truly taken care of.

Comfort And Entertainment: What People Do On Planes

Everyone approaches flights different. While flying takes a lot of preparation, once you are actually on the flight you are fairly limited in what you can do. What you choose is probably dependent on how you see flight and the kind of person that you are. As we mentioned before, some people are afraid of flying but must fly anyway. Often, these people take anti-anxiety medication or even sleeping medication on the flight, or simply try to drift off naturally — in fact, an estimated 17% of passengers prefer to simply sleep through their flights, and not just because they’re afraid. Aircraft interior products can affect these people too; ensuring that every passenger has headphones that minimize the amount of noise occurring during the flight can make it easier for passengers to sleep. The 21% of passengers who prefer to read would likely appreciate this as well. Of course, movies have become popular among frequent fliers, and are recognized as main aircraft interior products. While not all flights are long enough to allow for movies, those that can greatly benefit from them.

Safe Landings: How IFE Systems Benefit People

Imagine that you can’t sleep or don’t want to read, but are nervous during your flight. A movie or music can distract and calm you. Or imagine, perhaps, that you’re a parent with small children on a flight — a movie could help you in a big way. During a flight, entertainment is not about being idle — it’s about staying sane, and most importantly enjoying yourself.

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