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There are several types of towing services. The most common type of towing service is known as light-duty towing. It includes cars that are either capable of being pulled on their own or are too small or light for tow trucks with burdensome capacities. Service providers can do light duty towing with a trailer mounted behind the tow truck. The process is also known as boat tailing.

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The clip “Pro-Tow Light Duty Towing” offers insights into what happens during a light-duty towing. Light duty towing occurs when cars break down and require assistance to complete their journey. This can occur due to accidents involving the car and the driver or car problems that prohibit the car from moving further.

In most cases, it is time to call a tow truck when the driver’s side tires have gone flat because of a puncture or bumps during long trips. In this case, the car does not have enough gas to get back on the road. That is why you need roadside assistance. If the problem is with the jack or screwing in the jack, you will get help.

In most cases, you can find tow trucks on streets and highways. The services are handy for people who have engines that fail to start or direct bad conditions. Ensure you research reputed light duty towing service providers before choosing a particular firm.


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