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Everybody knows that pollution and the extended burning of fossil fuels has a negative effect on our environment at large, but what are we able to do to prevent it? The power to change these policies regarding mass pollution is in the hands of those in the government, so voting every year in local and national elections is crucial to seeing change. While we are all aware of metal recycling companies and second-hand stores providing a new life to others’ garbage, there are several other small things we can do in our daily lives to have a positive impact on the world’s environmental future. This video gives us some ideas to start.

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For one, you can start to turn your thermostat down when you don’t need it. Keeping your home’s heating running without even using it burns unnecessary energy. Additionally, you should always make a point to turn off the lights when leaving a room. This helps save money on your energy bill and also help the environment! Finally, when you are doing a load of dishes or laundry, make sure you are doing a full load to avoid wasting water and power.


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