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Frequent Flyer? Don’t Settle for a Boring Flight! Make Sure You Have the Entertainment You Want

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Every day, approximately 8 million people hop on a flight to travel. Whether it’s for business, vacation, or getting home from college, people fly all over the world for hours at a time. Any flight can be passed watching the clouds roll by, but if you get bored of that, shouldn’t there be something else for you to do?

Most commercial planes have some form of in flight entertainment (IFE) system for passengers, but if that doesn’t work or isn’t the kind of quality that passengers want, they are likely to turn to something else. Nearly half of passengers prefer movies to any other form of entertainment on a plane, but if the entertainment system they’re watching isn’t working properly, they are likely to turn to books or sleep. So what can commercial flights do to ensure their customers are flying in

Plan Your Beautiful Buena Vista Vacation with These Tips

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Are you thinking about planning a trip to Buena Vista, Colorado? If you go to this quaint town, you are in for a real treat. Buena Vista was founded in 1979 and the name means, “beautiful view.” When they named the town, they knew what they were talking about. Buena Vista is situated in the Rockies at an elevation of 7,954 feet. It is located just a few minutes away from the San Isabel National Park and the 700 miles of trails and numerous ghost towns that are found in the park. All of the resorts in the area offer spectacular mountain views.

How to Plan Your Beautiful Buena Vista Vacation:

Time your trip. What kind of trip are you planning? If you want to avoid the crowds, plan your trip for off peak times and avoid traveling to the area during

More Than Just A Car

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Among car culture and the transportation community, limos have always had something of a luxury status. The limousine service is a status of luxury and comfort, a sign of business or formal occasion. The standard ‘wow factor’ of the limousine car service can be so blinding that it’s easy to forget that the limousine is a fascinating car with a complex history and emerging story all its own. Limousines might seem to fall into one solid category, long, black, expensive, etc, but there are and have been many different kinds of limousines throughout the twentieth century. Here are some interesting facts about the limo as a construct and car.

-A presidential limo is given to the vice-president every four years and a new one is built in its place. The older limo can be given to a visiting head of another country as w

Five Benefits of Renting a Charter Bus

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When scheduling a trip for a group, renting a charter bus is an option many forget. Those that know better would never forget this easy travel, for they know the benefits gained when you rent a charter bus, be it for a single day bus tour over a limited area or a multi day bus tour spanning thousands of miles. Here are five of those benefits for those who have not been fortunate enough tp use them in the past.

  1. Safe: The vehicles employed as charter b