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Beating the Summertime Boredom With Camping

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The middle of the summer often brings about restlessness and boredom of children. They have been out of school for many weeks by now and have already experienced and worn out the being home all day thing. Parents are likely also getting very restless and prepared for their children to return back to school. You may have run out of entertainment ideas and your children are constantly fighting and sitting around the house doing nothing. A vacation is a great way to break up a boring summer and restless children, but vacations cost money. Not everyone has the ability to pack up and go on a family vacation at last minute. However, camping is a very cost friendly and family friendly vacation that provides great entertainment and lasting memories for everyone.

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Finding Your Ideal Camping Style

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Who doesn’t love camping? There are certainly individuals who claim that camping just might not be for them, but in most cases it is probably safe to say that those people have just simply not figured out their own personal camping style yet. Maybe if their experiences were at public campgrounds, as about 70% of the camping that people do typically is, they would change their minds if they ventured out further into the woods, or checked out some beautiful lakeside campgrounds. There are just about as many different types of camping as there are potential campers, so if you or someone you know has reservations about giving camping a try, see if you can figure out which type of camping just might turn things around.

From lakeside campgrounds to camp resorts

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Carriage Rides Are One of the Many Things to do in Central Park

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Although it’s a common misnomer that Central Park is one of the largest city parks in the U.S. (at 843 acres, it isn’t even in the top 100), it still is an iconic park. It also is one of the biggest tourist draws in New York City, attracting an estimated 42 million visitors every year. One of the biggest draws for both visitors and residents is the carriages in Central Park.

Carriage rides in NYC are among the most iconic representations of Central Park. They have been immortalized in TV shows and movies, and they are often among the most sought-after activities for tourists that visit New York City. Continue Reading No Comments

When Was the Last TIme You Vacationed with Your Favorite People?

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Life gets complicated. Your group of friends from college were so good about getting together at least once a year for quite awhile. As the years progressed, however, the get togethers became less frequent. Families were busy with children, jobs, and other commitments. Keeping on top of all of these responsibilities often means that vacations with friends are far less common. The decision and commitment to schedule time to relax with friends and family, however, are worth the time.
And while many family members and friends often have good intentions when it comes to planning get togethers, it often takes the lure of some of the very best locations like vacation condo rentals to make these trips happen. Consider some of the following options:

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