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There are three different types of RVs that you can purchase. Each is different from the other. The three are Class A, Class B, and Class C RVs. In this video, you will learn why you should avoid buying a Class B RV and look for other RVs for sale.

Each RV class has its advantages and disadvantages, and each person may prefer one to another. A Class B RV doesn’t look like your typical motorhome.

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It looks like a slightly larger van and you may just mistake it for a regular van if you don’t look closely enough.

One disadvantage to Class B is that they don’t have permanent beds. This could be a problem for some people who want to sleep in their RVs during a cross-country trip, so this one problem could be a deal-breaker. Along with no bed, the bathrooms are puny and very uncomfortable to use. Once again, for a cross-country trip, a small bathroom may be a problem.

Continue watching this video to learn the other problems with Class B RVs. The choice of RV is a personal preference, so take this with a grain of salt. Just make sure you do your research before purchasing an RV.


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