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Three Reasons to Travel by Private Jet

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Private jet charter for business

A March 2017 story in the New York Times goes a long way toward proofing that a positive attitude is a very good thing. In fact, the article cites research that indicates that a positive attitude can help people not only have a more successful approach to their day, channeling positive thoughts may also be good for your health and extend your life?
For business travelers who have weeks full of long flights with annoying and crowded lines through check-in, security, and boarding, the opportunity to have a positive attitude is fleeting at best. What if, instead of sending your employees, clients, and top sales people on commercial flights, you made a move to help them start every travel experience with a healthy and life changing positive attitude? Companies that make the decision t

Enjoying the Great Outdoors The Benefits of Camping in RV Parks

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Now that handheld super computers are readily available and fairly affordable, people are more plugged into these devices now more than ever. And while these devices were created to be helpful and not harmful, the near constant use of them can have some pretty serious side effects and consequences. For example, did you know that the brain is just as impaired during distracted driving from texting as it is when under the influence of a substance? As such, balance is key when it comes to the use of digital devices.

Even though unplugging from digital devices may seem nearly impossible, there are several healthy ways to go about doing so, with camping being one of the best ways. Whether you’re “glamping” in high end Continue Reading No Comments

Why Charter Busses are the Most Comfortable Travel Choice

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Chartering bus tours michigan

Many people might overlook the idea of using a charter bus when they are planning a trip, but the fact is that riding on one can be a comfortable and fun alternative to driving in a car. Plus, they are also a more sustainable option than having a relative number of cars on the ground.

Some of the benefits of traveling from a bus facility include the fact that you don’t have to drive, while still being able to travel on the freeway. Train rides are similar in concept except that they have to travel on their rails which means that sometimes their path increases the amount of time a trip takes. Charter busses are free to travel the same path that you would take if you were driving on your own, except you can use the time on the road to read, sleep, or chat instead of taking the wheel. When you ar

Camping in a Cabin is a Great Way to Vacation

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Every year, thousands of Americans spend their vacation time camping. They camp in many different ways and in many different places. Some will take their RV and head down to their favorite RV campground, complete with all of the provisions they will need to stay for as long as they wish.

In fact, many who enjoy the RV experience seem to like to be in the outdoors the most. Among campers, they stay the longest, with 13% staying for a week or more.

If you like the idea of camping but would rather not spend the bucks on an RV or dish out all that money on tents and other supplies, you might want to consider looking into Continue Reading No Comments

Tips for Effortless Group Travel Planning

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Hosting a large event with many guests can be overwhelming. All of the guests are relying on you to create a trip that is smooth, convenient, and entertaining. If there are any issues with any aspect of the trip, you are usually the one to blame. Ensure that you have completed all of your trip plans, and that you are accounting for any problems. Consider the following important aspects when it comes to group travel.

If you have guests that will be traveling into town, you will require lodging. You may also require lodging if guests will be staying late, if the event spans over multiple days, or if there will be alcohol at the event. Although you do not have to require that your guests stay in your planned accommodations, many will choose to do so. Provi