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Party Buses The Best Way to Ring in the New Year

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How do you plan to ring in New Year? Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) reports that drunk driving claimed 10,322 lives in 2012. Stay off the roads this New Year’s, and enjoy luxuries – like lit-up hardwood dance floors and fully-stocked bars – while you’re at it. What is the the best way to countdown to midnight?

Limo and party bus rentals offer a unique and exciting solution. Drivers safely transport guests to and from bars and venues, and all guests arrive together and on-time. While party bus exteriors may seem modest and resemble airport shuttles and charter buses, limo bus interiors will surprise and delight guests. Inside, party buses resemble high-class nightclubs, with expensive hardwood flooring,

Three Useful Tools to Compare Hotel Prices With

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Hotel reservations

While the Great Recession has supposedly ended, the fact remains that many people are struggling to save enough money to buy groceries, let alone pay for a vacation. Consider, ABC News writes that the average American will spend anywhere from $1,180 and up to get away for a few days. If you’re one of the many people across the world struggling to take a vacation because it’s just too expensive, what can you do?

Whether you’re heading to London or Tokyo, two of the most expensive cities in the world, or you want to relax in the U.S. Virgin Islands, one of the most affordable locations, according to Huffington Post, you need to find easy ways to compare hotel prices and save every cent you can. Here are three of the best ways to compare hotel prices and get the wiggle room you need to get

Find the Best Hotels, and Three Other Steps to an Amazing European Holiday

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Did you know Europe is home to the most popular tourist destinations in the world? According to USA Today, France brings in 70 million tourists each year; most head to Paris. England, according to Visit Britain, hosts 32 million people annually, generating £97 billion for the economy. With the incredible number of people taking a European vacation every year, it’s no wonder that, according to Hotrec, the European hospitality industry employees 9.5 million people, or 4.4% of the European workforce.

Four Steps to an Amazing European Holiday

  1. Choose Your Destination
  2. As NBC News suggests, the most important step in planning your trip is deciding where to go. Continue Reading 1 Comment

Going Somewhere?: A Portrait of Tourism Both at Home and Abroad

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Going somewhere? If you’re one of the 1.6 billion people who have made it a priority to get out and see the world, the answer should be: yes, everywhere! Modern travel has become quite advanced, and exploring new surroundings is really just as easy as packing a bag and hopping on a train or a plane.

Folks who see more sights tend to have a better perspective of the world. Plus, the more differences you identify, the more likely you are to notice how interconnected everything truly is. Of course, as much as booking a trip to Rome on a whim can turn out to be a blessing, it can also be a disaster if you don’t do the proper preparation first.

Tourism in the United States

You might have seen the pyramids and the Colosseum, but have you seen Mount Rushmore and the Grand Canyon? When

Two Things You Must Do to Have a Great Time in London

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Taking a vacation to London may be something that you wished you could have done during the London Olympics, but it turns out that right now is not a bad time, either. In the wake of the slowed tourism, hotels in the area have actually lowered their rates to be more affordable throughout 2013. Now is actually a great time to visit Kings Cross in London with your family and see the sights.

When planning a vacation, there are certain things you can do to save money, and still ensure that you have a great time. The first is to get discount hotel rooms, and the second is to make sure you know what the best attractions are. Here are some tips on how to plan a vacation for the family to visit Kings Cross in London.

Planning a Vacation? Have You Found Video Travel Guides Yet?

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Have you considered using a traveling guide for your next trip? If it is someplace that you have been before, there is no real reason. But if this is your first trek to Greece, or Italy, or even England, a traveling guide can help.

Depending on the specificity of the traveling guide, it can lead you to every single tourist destination much more quickly than if you were to try on your own. Or it can take you to the hidden treasures of culture that people do not know exist.

You have a few options when it comes to guidance on your next trip. Any of them can prove helpful, and would be better than being unprepared.

  • Travel Websites
  • There are plenty of travel information websites all over. Some are amateur blogs, but have fantastic tips for getting the most from your vacation

The Top Travel Guides for Every Destination!

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Since the best travel guides of today can be easily accessed via any smarthphone, tablet, or iOS device, we no longer have to fumble with those huge road atlases, or print out a dozen different online maps to take along on our trips. But how do you know which travel guide websites are the most reliable, or which ones will let you know that your next exit will only lead you to 57 miles of road construction? The best way is the old fashioned way, by conducting a little research.

The number of travel guides online has grown exponentially over the last dozen years. Of course, travel guides are nothing new, and have been used for centuries. While the origin of the very first travel guide is uncertain, the Greek periplus is one of the first examples of a written travel guide. Translated into English, the term “

Travel Video Guides Make Exotic Travel that Much Better

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Have you been considering taking a trip to an exotic location you actually know very little about? Not sure what or where are the best places to visit when you get to this city or area of the world? How does watching a short, informative video showcasing the highlights of the location you intend to visit along with beautiful photography of the region? Sounds like exactly what you probably need. Travel video guides provide just that assistance to would be travelers.

Video travel guides are readily available short videos dedicated to showcasing possible vacation areas for travelers looking for more information or undecided about where to visit. Travel guide videos generally consist of journalistic shots showing off the environment, be it people, places or nature, as well as more streamlined video of tourist

Find the Perfect Online Travel Guide to Prepare With

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One of the biggest reasons that traveling can be so stressful is that for many people, it involves going someplace or doing something that they have never done before. In order to reduce this stress and prepare oneself, people often times decide to do a bit of research, even though it can be difficult to decide where to go. On July 13, CBS News released a story showing how the demand for online resources about traveling were constantly on the rise.

Finding the right travel video guides should involve a bit of discrimination. While one travel video guide website may be easy to use for some people, it could be next to impossible for others. People should always make sure that they do not waste time on a website that to them is difficult to comprehend.

The first thing that people should look for on their s

How to Ensure Your Vacation is Fun, Safe, and Affordable

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Travel guide videos

Bring your travel guide brochures to life!

Travel guide videos are a very useful resource if you are considering taking a vacation to a new, or exotic location. By watching travel video guides, you are able to get an exclusive sneak peek into the location where you are considering traveling to. You are able to see a first hand experience of your destination, its cultures, entertainment, restaurants, hotels, and attractions without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Video travel guides give you access to travel tips and recommendations specific to almost any location. Watching travel guide videos before you take off on your trip is like getting a virtual tour from a native of your destination, showing you around all of the most desirable locations and activities in your area of interest.

Before I took my family to the Bahamas, I made sure to watch a few travel guide videos on the area. I was able to compose a well informed itinerary that would be fun for the whole family thanks to the videos I saw. The videos showed me specific beaches that offered activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, and parasailing.

I was also given a breakdown of all the cruises to the Bahamas that are offered, so I could figure out which would be the best for the whole family, as well as the wallet. The travel guide videos I watched were integral in the planning of one of the most memorable vacations I have ever taken.

Traveling into a foreign country with children can be a little nerve wrecking. Considering that Americans often do not have the best reputation abroad, citizens of many countries (particularly in the Caribbean) are sometimes not so welcoming of tourists. Travel guide videos took this into account. They warned against certain neighborhoods, and gave advice as to what times were safest to be walking about with children.

By watching travel guide videos online, I was fully prepared for my family vacation. I knew exactly what to expect, and precisely which attractions and accommodations were worth checking out. My family and I had the time of our lives, and I would never travel abroad again without first checking out travel guide videos to go about it deliberately and intelligently.